10km by night presented by UPIKA ENDURANCE

The one and only 10 km at night! An incomparable race where the misty darkness envelops the runners in an unforgettable adventure! Diversified course combining dirt roads, quad roads, passages through fields and a superb trail section under a maple forest. The nocturnal atmosphere will transcend your stride to the finish line! Don’t miss this race!

**IMPORTANT : Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the bib collection closes. 


We recommend a lamp with a luminous flux of 80 lumens or more and to check your batteries before departure. You will have to complete a 3.2 km loop three times. You will have access to a water only aid station during the race. A campfire will be lit at the finish site and we will hand out the medals as soon as possible after the race.


MEN 16-29 years old | 30-39 years old | 40-49 years old | 50 years +

WOMEN 16-29 years old | 30-39 years old | 40-49 years old | 50 years +


The age used is on December 31 of the current year.


Women’s podium overall 

Men’s podium overall


Distance: 10 KM

Ascent: 350 meters

Technical level: 3.5/5

Starting altitude: 178 meters

Maximum altitude: 285 meters

Average time: 1:11:00

Male record time: 0:46:04 | Jeff Gosselin | 2013

Women’s record time: 0:57:02 | Sarah Bergeron-Larouche | 2016

*Please note that due to forestry activities, some trails may have been affected some data is approximative. Updated maps will be available soon.


ELEVATION and COURSE (Click on the image to enlarge)