17 km

Sunday, August 28th

From the first kilometers, you will have to challenge a climb of 250 meters. Following this effort, you will contemplate a luxuriant forest and magnificent viewpoints all along the route! A little after the first ten kilometers, you will follow the course of a beautiful stream. You will finish your race with a descent of 350 meters towards the finish.

You must park your vehicle at the organization’s parking lot and head to the race site to pick up your bib.

**IMPORTANT : Make sure to arrive 15 minutes before the bib pickup closes. Bring extra clothes with you in a bag to change into when you arrive. A place will be designated for the drop bags.


MEN: 16-29 years old 30-39 years old 40-49 years old 50 years old and over

WOMEN: 16-29 years old 30-39 years old 40-49 years old 50 years old and over

AGE : the age used is on December 31 of the current year.


Women’s podium overall

Men’s podium overall


You must be self-sufficient in water and food throughout the race ; no aid station on this course.


  • Minimum 250ml of water
  • 3 to 4 energy supplements
  • Bug spray


Distance: 17.1 KM

Ascent: 674 m

Technical level: 4/5

Starting altitude: 257 meters

Maximum altitude: 551 meters

Average time: 2h15

*Please note that due to forestry activities, some trails may have been affected some data is approximative. Updated maps will be available soon.