• All runners must be self-sufficient in water and food;

  • Headphones, iPods and other music players are prohibited during the race;

  • We do not tolerate any waste thrown on the ground under penalty of disqualification;

  • Each runner must have signed the disclaimer before starting the race;

  • A participant is obliged to provide assistance to a person in difficulty affecting his safety;

  • It is forbidden to run barefoot during the race;

  • A runner who deviates from the marked course will be automatically disqualified;

  • During the awards, the participants called to the podium must present themselves with a clean shirt, without sunglasses and without a cap;

  • No medal is awarded to an athlete who is not present at the awards. No medals will be mailed: your presence on the podium is mandatory;

  • The Race Director reserves the right to add, remove or modify any rules;

  • It is your responsibility to validate your email since it is our way of communication used to communicate with you for any information. Be sure to add « TRANS VALLÉE ET RUN REG » to the authorized email list.