Thanks to our partner

Here are some measures in place to limit our environmental footprint:

  1. Rules without waste: no waste on the ground will be tolerated on the site under penalty of disqualification.
  2. No disposable cups at the AID stations : we invite participants to bring their own containers which they can fill throughout the event at various water stations available throughout the site.
  3. Elimination of single-use items : rather than giving participants a medal (which always ends up in a wardrobe or even in the trash), we will give a travel coffee mug bearing the image of the event. Participants will be encouraged to use this mug for their beverages consumption on site (water, beer, etc.).
  4. Meals will be served in compostable containers and recycled utensils.
  5. The trophies will be engraved locally.
  6. Local purchases : we favor local companies in different matters (food purchases, shuttles rental, portable toilets rentals, etc.).
  7. Carpooling : in order to limit greenhouse gases, we encourage participants to carpool. Looking for a ride or offering one to get to the venue? Post it here
  8. Waste management : garbage, recycling and compost bins will be available throughout the site as well as at the refueling stations. Reminder posters will also be on site to help participants/spectators dispose responsibly.
  9. Elimination of food waste: we have acquired several leftovers from a past event. Rather than throwing everything away, we selected the items that were suitable for use. With the help of a chef, François Blais (Bistro B), we managed to concoct a menu allowing us to feed the participants while reducing the losses as much as possible.
  10. Respect of the eco-responsible actions of the Vallée du Bras-du-Nord: a model of sustainable tourism, the Vallée du Bras-du-Nord has set up solid bases for the exploitation of its territory in harmony with nature. Our actions will therefore always be done in agreement with the cooperative.
  11. Local employment : in order to offer a fun and safe event, we hire some valuable employees from the Vallée du Bras-du-Nord, a local company.